Why you should be listing products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the internet’s largest destinations for finding products that can be purchased online. If you sell online, you want to be listing products on Google Shopping. Here are some reasons why you want to be listed on Google Shopping, and how Cashie Commerce can do this for you.

Why you should be listing products on Google Shopping

Getting your products into the hands of customers can be the hardest part of selling online. You have great products, but you need to find a way to attract the attention of the right buyer. With Google Shopping, your unique items are tied to the power of Google’s search engine. So, when someone searches a term in Google search that relates to what you might be selling – your product could be shown right there next to the search result.

google shopping products in google search

Google Shopping Products displaying in Google Search Results

In this example, Google Shopping allows you to catch the attention of a potential buyer, that may not realize you have exactly the item they are looking for. For many thousands of internet users, a Google Search will be the first place they go to find the answer to their question. So, if your product is the answer to someone’s question, you want to be here.

Focus on targeted traffic – the best traffic money can buy

One of the most common approaches to gaining exposure for your products is to list on some of the popular marketplaces out there. These marketplaces could have over a thousand visitors in just one day. So, it makes sense to get your products out there. We hear from sellers on these platforms all the time, and it goes kinda like this…

“I’m listed on [insert name of your favorite marketplace]. I get hundreds of views each month, but hardly any sales.”

This is a common occurrence on these marketplaces – loads of views, but very few sales. The reason is quite clear. These marketplaces are experts at driving traffic to products, just not “targeted traffic”.

Targeted traffic means the person directed to your product has shown an interest in the item you are selling. Instead of getting thousands of eyeballs on your products from people who aren’t interested in your items, Google Shopping drives people to your products who are likely to buy them. Instead of 1,000 views resulting in 1 sale – 1,000 views could lead to 50 sales. We call these “qualified leads” and they are the best leads you can get.


How to get your items on Google Shopping?

For most sellers, you have two options for getting your products on Google Shopping…

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Use a service to do this for you. (like Cashie Commerce)

Doing it yourself

Listing on Google Shopping is not as easy as you would like to hear. It isn’t as easy as adding your product to eBay. Your product needs to be submitted to Google through a special “feed” that you generate, or generate from your online store. These feeds are tricky to create yourself, but there are a bunch of services that can save you time building the feed. So, you can do it….just not quickly and easily.

Once you’ve created your feed and submitted it to Google, you need to set your budget and add “bids” to each of your items. Google Shopping isn’t free, and the amount you can budget will have an impact on the number of qualified leads you drive to your products. Each of your products in Google Shopping should be viewed as an advertisement. Your bid tells Google how much you are willing to pay for your ad to be shown over someone else who sells a similar item.

Using Cashie Commerce to list on Google Shopping

Services like Cashie Commerce are designed to make Google Shopping easier and more affordable for small businesses. Cashie Commerce provides an easy-to-use interface for adding your products (including importers from all the most popular ecommerce platforms). Submitting your products to Google Shopping, is then as easy as shooting us an email.

Our team of experts will then review your products in Google Shopping to determine the most effective bids to drive qualified leads to your products. For someone new to Google Shopping, this process can be impossible to wrap your head around. It will also take many hours of research and testing.

Setting up your account on Cashie Commerce takes just minutes.


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3 ‘No Brainers’ That Boost Traffic And Drive Sales

Let’s face it, running an online business is not a walk in the park. After doing everything to get your products ready, your site built, and the word out — you may still find it difficult to attract the right audience and convert traffic.

So what can you do? Here are three simple ‘no brainers’ that help drive sales.

Opt-in to the BitDazzle Marketplace & Google Shopping

When you list your products on BitDazzle you’re exposing them to thousands of new faces. We drive organic and paid traffic to our marketplace, giving your brand the exposure it might not receive otherwise. By utilizing Google Shopping, which reaches millions of people every day, we’re able to showcase all our merchant’s products to the masses. And with over 67% of all search going through Google, it is safe to say it’s a no brainer to be promoting your products here.

Utilize Keywords

SEO has changed over the years, but the basic principles remain as important as ever. When it comes to selling products, it’s all about the content.

Your product titles and descriptions should include sizes, colors, categories, and other relevant attributes that tell the world what you’re selling. Google gives you 150 characters for titles and 5000 characters for descriptions, so use the space!

Upgrade to an Aggressive Bidding Strategy

Managing your own Google Shopping feed can be a lot of work, which is why we’re here to help. When you opt-in to BitDazzle, your products are automatically added to our feed, and will be visible on Google Shopping search.

From there, Google Shopping works like an auction. When we advertise your products, the higher the bid, the more likely it is for that product to show up towards the top of the page. When more shoppers see the product, it receives more clicks and generates sales.

For merchants on PRO plans we use an aggressive bidding strategy called traffic boost. Our traffic boost strategy focuses on optimizing products in the Google Shopping feed by raising bids and finding optimal exposure.

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Sell at Markets, In Person with PayPal Here, Cashie Pro


Cashie In Person PayPal Here

It’s a fine line to walk: managing an eCommerce store and selling direct at local markets and events. If you’re like most small businesses that sell in person, keeping the two sides of the business in sync can be challenging.

The Cashie Commerce Point-of-sale system aims to change that by enabling merchants to process on-premise transactions with their tablet device and PayPal Here credit card swiper.

The In Person feature that is available to all Cashie PRO users (or anyone in their 15 day trial period) will leverage the PayPal Here app already installed on the device.

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How I became a repeat customer instead of a one-time buyer

Working for an ecommerce company can be a true test of willpower when you enjoy shopping.  Though I try not to purchase too many merchant products, once in a while I cannot hold back.  I would like to share a wonderful experience I had purchasing a gift from Cashie Commerce jewelry merchant Kiwi Avenue.  It surprised me, and I hope sharing it may help inspire ideas you can implement that will make your customers feel the same way.

To begin the process I received a personal email thanking me for my order.  This is always a nice touch, but not something that will necessarily make a small business stand out.  The memorable portion came after I opened the package.  Here are the items I received from Kiwi Avenue when I only anticipated a piece of jewelry:


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Introducing a new pricing plan

We’re excited to announce new prices for a new year that are more profitable for you.  We are dropping transaction fees when you pay annually!  If you choose to pay monthly, the transaction fee has now been reduced to 1%, regardless of your plan.


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2013 Year in Review

Happy New Year from the Cashie Commerce Team!

For those of you who have been with us through 2013, or are new to Cashie Commerce and want to know what we’ve been up to, here are some of the highlights. Over the course of last year, our focus was on improving our existing features and innovating new ones to benefit our merchants. We also launched an exciting new marketplace that increased shopper traffic to your storefronts.

Here are a few of our 2013 milestones:

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Introducing the Cashie Commerce HootSuite App

Exciting news for those interested in increasing sales and building a social media presence or who are already using HootSuite! HootSuite helps you execute social media strategies across multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure web-based social relationship platform.

We’ve built an app that allows you to connect your HootSuite and Cashie Commerce accounts. Now you’ll be able to access all of your products and promotions directly from your HootSuite dashboard, making it easy and fast to share store news with your social networks.


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Have you entered the BitDazzle sweepstakes?

We’re giving away an iconic t-shirt from one of our Cashie Commerce merchants! Enter to win this movie memorabilia favorite today. All it takes is a Facebook like on our new BitDazzle page.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – anyone? anyone?


The sweepstakes expires on November 15th!

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Just over a month until Black Friday – are you ready?

It’s October and the holiday retail season is warming up. With 39 days to go until Black Friday (November 29th), you still have time to get your store in shape in time to increase sales over the holidays.


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Announcing the launch of BitDazzle, the new Cashie Commerce Marketplace

Big product news today from the Cashie Commerce team.

We’ve launched BitDazzle!


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