A Cashie Commerce Success Story: Bunion Bootie

One of our new year’s resolutions is to share more in depth stories about successful Cashie Commerce merchants. When you start a business, thriving sales and a loyal customer base can seem out of reach so it’s nice to hear from businesses that have achieved success. In addition to a merchant interview, we included some questions about how merchants use Cashie Commerce so you can get a feel for how different stores utilize our service.

Today, we’re sharing the story of Bunion Bootie, a company that has built a strong following by delivering an excellent product that fills a void in the marketplace. The Bunion Bootie team works to ease the pain of bunion sufferers everywhere with their specially designed bunion bootie, a flexible and comfortable splint that can be worn in any shoe.


We hope this interview with founder and CEO, Lisa Rupert, provides other small businesses with a dose of inspiration!

How would you describe yourself?

Busy body perfectionist that doesn’t stop from sun up to sun down.  I can easily get stuck behind my desk for most of that time but makes it a priority to break free for long runs or hikes outside to keep my sanity.

Why did you start Bunion Bootie?

I was also cursed with a bunion on my right foot and prior to starting Bunion Bootie in 2011, I couldn’t find anything that suited my active lifestyle, neither in stores or online.  Turns out I wasn’t the only one…

What is one of your strategies for building a successful business?

We receive so many touching and inspiring notes from our customers but even the constructive feedback is a gift.  If you truly listen, it will tell you where you can grow as a company and there’s always room for improvement.  We’re using that customer feedback today to design our next generation Bunion Bootie and we’re very excited to introduce this product later this year. We think our customers will be equally pleased with the new addition to our Bunion Bootie family.

Why did you choose Cashie Commerce as your ecommerce provider?

The software is easy to use and the customer support is topnotch.  We had a small list of requirements that had to be met in order to properly service my customers, but didn’t need an overly complicated or expensive solution. Cashie is so easy to use and their team is very proactive in learning more about its customers and what they need to be successful.  It’s obvious by the software releases that they’ve launched since we started using them that their development goals as a company are a result of what their customers need.  They really listen and deliver.

What is the Cashie Commerce feature that helps you most?

We love the customized Email Receipt feature the best.  We trialed a lot of cart applications and the level of customization that Cashie offers really allows you to create a great looking receipt that can include your logo, hyperlinks, social media links, and order details.  It’s such a simple feature to include that I think most cart applications overlook or underestimate the value.  Even after the sale (and so important in today’s day of less than trustworthy e-commerce businesses and ID/credit card theft) it’s important to set yourself apart and remind your customers that you are a respectable, approachable, and trustworthy merchant. What better way to leave that impression then to provide them with a professional looking email receipt that encourages them to contact you if anything is less than perfect.  After all, that’s your last chance to make them feel good about trusting you with their credit card information over the internet before the product arrives, take advantage of it.

A feature she’d like to see added to Cashie Commerce:

We’d love to use Cashie as our database of record and to do that we would need to be able to import orders prior to using Cashie and be able to view my package tracking information and run reports from the Cashie interface.  Ambitious, but it would be great to get rid of our master (and manually maintained) sales spreadsheet that we report on.  :)