Take advantage of multiple storefronts for maximum impact

Building a strong online presence is never easy, but at Cashie Commerce, we’re doing our best to develop straightforward ways for customers to get discovered online and to ensure that this discovery happens on as many digital channels as possible.

Now, with one setup, you can enable multiple storefronts with just the click of a box. I went through a test run and in 20 minutes I uploaded a product, launched that product live in a storefront on my WordPress site, enabled my Mobile store, listed on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace and showcased the same on my Facebook business page. Not bad for the time it takes me to commute to work!

We hope you’ll also take advantage of these easy ways to increase sales.

Are you checking off all of these boxes? 

 A Facebook Store

What: Reach shoppers on your Facebook business page.

Why: The power of social media is immense – to date, there are over 1 billion users on Facebook – and these are all potential shoppers. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to add a Facebook business page and engage with fans, family and friends.

How: Login to Cashie Commerce and visit the Settings page > General tab to enable this feature.


 A Mobile Store

What: Redirect customers to a mobile optimized version of your store.

Why: Millions of shoppers are beginning to browse and purchase from mobile devices. Ensure these shoppers receive the best store experience by enabling the Mobile store feature.

How: Login to Cashie Commerce and visit the Settings page > General tab to enable this feature.


 A listing on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace

What: The Marketplace is a free listing of our merchant’s products.

Why: Free traffic and marketing – we drive customers to the Marketplace – all you have to do is click a button to benefit from an additional way for shoppers to find your products.

How: Login to Cashie Commerce and visit the Settings page > Marketplaces tab to enable this feature.


Not sure if a feature is right for you?

If you want a Facebook and mobile store but are not yet ready to upgrade to a premium plan, you can still give these features a test drive. For Facebook, install the app to see exactly what your store will look like. When you’re ready to start accepting transactions, upgrade to a premium plan to enable the feature for sales. For Mobile, you can visit your store at any time via the url provided. In order to enable the mobile redirect, you will need to sign up for a premium plan. The Marketplace listing is free for all plan holders.

Please contact us via Live Chat or visit our knowledge base if you have questions!