The Cashie Commerce Marketplace: a new way to help you sell!

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Cashie Commerce Marketplace. The Marketplace is a listing of our merchant’s products, which we built to drive more traffic to Cashie Commerce stores. Helping you sell is our top priority and this is a new, free tool to do just that.

Don’t miss the opportunity to list your products on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace! Below please find listing instructions along with common questions.


Is there a cost associated with listing on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace?

A Cashie Commerce Marketplace listing is included on all our subscriptions plans. This is a free opportunity to boost your site traffic and sales.

How do I list my products on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace?

Existing customers:

1. Login to your Cashie Commerce account and go to the Marketplaces tab under Settings

2. Opt in to have your products displayed on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace

New customers:

1. Sign up for a Cashie Commerce account

2. Follow the dashboard wizard to complete your store, including PayPal and billing

3. Verify that you have opted into the Cashie Commerce Marketplace on the Marketplaces tab under Settings

4. Even if you don’t have a website, we can list your products and process orders for your store directly from the Cashie Commerce Marketplace as long as you have completed all setup steps

What happens when a shopper clicks on my Cashie Commerce Marketplace product?

If you have your own website or Facebook shop, customers will be redirected to your store to complete the checkout process. For those merchants with no website, shoppers can complete a purchase directly on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace.

Why don’t I see my product on the Cashie Commerce Marketplace?

We reserve the right to not display product pictures if they are incomplete or deemed inappropriate. Please review our Terms of Use if you have further questions.

More questions?

Contact us via Live Chat or at We’re happy to help.