The world’s gone mobile. Your store can too!

We know that offering a top notch customer experience is crucial to increasing sales and driving loyalty, which is why we’ve worked hard to bring you our latest product feature: mobile optimized stores. Now your product catalog can function brilliantly on any mobile device.

We’ve answered common questions below. We hope you take full advantage of this latest product release!

Is a mobile optimized store available to all Cashie Commerce customers?

This is a premium feature available only on the Professional and Unlimited plans. If you are on the Basic plan, you can still see what your mobile store would look like by accessing the General tab on the Settings page but it will not be enabled for customers until you are a premium plan member.

I don’t have a Cashie Commerce account yet. Can I see a demo of the mobile store?

Visit our demo mobile store to get a walk through of the product experience.

How do I enable my mobile store?

Professional and Unlimited plan members can use this feature today by visiting the link provided in the General tab on the Settings page. To enable it automatically for visitors to your store, simply check the box provided.

What if I already have a mobile optimized version of my site?

You’ll probably still want to redirect customers who are browsing your product catalog via mobile devices to your mobile store. Though your website may currently be optimized for mobile, the Cashie Commerce product catalog and checkout experience are not subject to your website’s optimization and therefore would be improved on a mobile device if the Cashie Commerce mobile feature is enabled.

How does the mobile feature work?

Every time a shopper views your product catalog or a product’s details from a mobile device, they will be automatically redirected to a mobile optimized version of your store. The checkout process remains secure and reliable.

Can I choose the url for my mobile store?

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available. We are working on it!

More questions?

More information is available in our knowledge base or you can contact us via Live Chat. We’re happy to help.