4 Improvements you can make to your store today

I often liken selling online to tending a garden. You set up your store, planting the seeds for retail success and you check back daily and weekly to see how your garden is growing. But just like a good garden, a good online store needs constant tending. Here are four ideas for improvements you can make to your store to keep it looking fresh, healthy and primed for growth.

Be extra specific with product names

Improve your customer’s understanding of your product offering with a detailed product name. For example, “Organic, Handmade Lavender Soap,” versus “Lavender Soap,” makes for a more compelling and clear product name that is ideal for shopper’s browsing your site. Additionally, this helps potential shoppers searching for your products – test those two names out in Google and you’ll find that the more specific product name yields dramatically fewer search results than the first.

Bottom line: Specific product names allow for better site navigation and better search engine rankings!


Add another sentence to your product descriptions

Unique and highly descriptive content wins over generic product descriptions. Give potential buyers all the information they might need to make a quick purchase decision. For example, you could edit a basic t-shirt description (soft cotton and easy to wear) with a sentence on the t-shirt making an excellent gift for a friend and the best venues or times to wear it.

Bottom line: Unique product descriptions can help mitigate customer concerns and questions. Update them today!


Double check that your product images are consistent – same size & background

It’s never fun to update product images but customer’s place HUGE emphasis on visual cues. If your product images are inconsistent, your store can look unprofessional, turning off potential shoppers. If you already have all your images on a consistent background, ensure that they are all cropped to the same size. And for those that need to tackle updating a background, YouTube has lots of videos on how to set up a simple home studio to take well-lit pictures against a plain background.

Bottom line: Consistency matters when it comes to product images. The extra hassle is well worth your time.


Add a “context” picture to each product

Take the guesswork out of a customer’s shopping experience. By adding a contextual product image, you can provide visual answers to common questions:

  • Jewelry on an ear, wrist or neck to show size and scale
  • Clothing on a person to show fit
  • Food products in use – jam on toast, spice rub on meat
  • Beauty products on a face or sitting on a bathroom sink
  • Close-ups of material and fabric to show details and design

Bottom line: Taking out the “I wonder if….” from a customer’s thinking, can lead to increased sales.


Happy selling!