A Facebook starter kit: 4 strategies to build your presence

For the social media pros out there, this may be old news, but for those just starting out or who have been putting off building a Facebook presence, here’s a quick primer on simple steps you can take to incorporate Facebook into your marketing strategy.

Many customers like to engage with brands. They enjoy knowing the story and personality of the shops they frequent. A Facebook business page is a great vehicle to do just this as well as sharing regular product updates and promotions. Facebook provides instructions to get you started. All you need is a personal Facebook account to launch your Facebook business page.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more post content ideas for Facebook but in the meantime, start by building your fan base and attracting them with solid content.

#1 Start with personal networks to get likes

  • Post a link to your personal page so your friends are aware your store now has a presence on Facebook.
  • Ensure your Facebook business page has prominent space on your website so shoppers can visit your page.
  • Email friends and family and ask them to like your page.
  • Email your customer base and let them know you are on Facebook and will be sharing exclusive deals on the page.
  • Add your Facebook business page url to business cards, postcards and any other materials you hand out to promote your store.
  • Once you have at least 10 fans, promote one of your posts. This will allow you to reach the friends of your current fans in an effort to get more likes. Just be sure to keep the text of any post you promote to 90 characters of text and ensure that your image has no more than 20% text or the Facebook ads team will disapprove your ad.
  • List your Facebook business page in your personal and professional email signature.


#2 Post consistently to build your audience

  • Aim for a manageable 3 posts a week to begin building your Facebook presence.
  • Suggested topics:
    • Feature a product with seasonal or other timely relevance
    • Share something more personal yet relevant to your store and community
    • Post a link to a news article or some other engaging information you read online that others might enjoy


# 3 Use our Facebook store to create another opportunity for sales

  • If you aren’t familiar with our Facebook store feature, you can learn more about it here.
  • We’ve added two new features to our Facebook store to increase branding and navigability:
    • A banner space at the top of your page so you can add in your logo
    • Breadcrumbs so that users can easily browse your product catalog


#4 Create exclusive offers for your Facebook audience to engage and grow you community


Happy selling!