Customer feedback sends social cues that drive sales

A classic principle of fiction writing applies to your product catalog: don’t tell, show. You can say you have a wonderful product, but nothing convinces a customer more than seeing what other shoppers have to say. Star ratings, shares on social media and reviews give your site a robust, professional look and reassure customers that they are not alone in their purchase.

You can add these features in your Cashie Commerce dashboard in 3-clicks. Not bad for something that could measurably impact your store reputation and catalog look & feel.

Once you launch these features, here are some quick tips to seed your site with your first ratings and reviews:

  • Send an email to your customer base asking them to visit your site and share their experiences.
  • Include a line in your custom email receipt, reminding shoppers that they should rate their purchase.
  • Follow common retail practices and contact shoppers a week or two after they have received their product to ask for a rating or review.
  • Recruit a friend or two to post from your product detail page to social media.

With a positive start, you can signal to future shoppers that your products are well loved and that their feedback is appreciated.

Read on to take a closer look at our feedback features and how to enable them for your store today.

Star Ratings

Stars are everywhere these days and a friend to retailers big and small. From Amazon to clothing stores and more, this simple visual cue indicates customer satisfaction and can help increase your sales.

Visit the Details tab on the Design page to enable this feature on your Product details pages today. Once you have a number of ratings, you can also enable star ratings to appear on your Storefront view, so that shoppers can see ratings while browsing your catalog at a high level. 


Social Share Buttons

Just like videos, products can’t go viral unless you give an individual the tools to easily share it with their social networks. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to let shoppers tell their friends about your products directly from your store. Our share buttons let customers share favorites in 1 click to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Visit the Details tab on the Design page to enable this feature today.


Product Reviews

This premium feature is of great value to stores doing even moderate sales volume. With a reasonable amount of traffic and shoppers, you can build up a treasure trove of written product reviews that would make great additions to marketing materials and social media.

Visit the Details tab on the Design page to enable this feature today.


Happy selling!