Updates to the Cashie Commerce Marketplace

We launched the Cashie Commerce Marketplace in February and have been working on improvements to the user experience over the past months to make it a more enjoyable shopper destination. More updates are to come in June, but this week we’ve made the interface faster and updated the look & feel of the Marketplace pages.


A dedicated product page

In an effort to make it easier for shoppers to browse all of your products at once, we’ve created dedicated product pages that include all of the products you list on the marketplace. If a shopper clicks on one of your products, they can click your store name and will be taken to your complete product page.

If you already have the marketplace enabled, login to Cashie Commerce, visit the Storefronts page and click the “View your Marketplace page” button to see your dedicated landing page.

For those that haven’t opted in to the Marketplace, now is the time to do so! As we continue to improve the site, we’ll also be increasing the traffic we send there, making the marketplace another great way to sell. Login to Cashie Commerce and visit the Storefronts page to opt in to display your products on the Marketplace.


Just as in the Facebook store experience, you can now add a branded banner to your Marketplace page. From the Storefronts page in your admin, click the Enable checkmark under the Cashie Commerce Marketplace and a Storefronts banner upload form will come into view.