7 Reasons to Issue a Payday Loan

7 Reasons to Issue a Payday Loan

The 1st reason to get a payday loan in is remote application via the Internet

Distance payday lending service is always convenient and fast in comparison with office ones. The significant advantages of online lending can be added:

No restrictions on the state except for several states such as Arkansas, West Virginia, New York, Vermont. Borrowers from any location within the USA can issue a payday loan. Taking out a loan at the office of another credit institution without fail presupposes the presence of paycheck certificates. Without this, it is impossible to get such Omaha payday loans.

Loyal attitude towards borrowers. An online organization’s prospect screening is less rigorous than lending in the office.

Fast processing within 2 minutes.

There are many ways to remotely repay and receive a cash advance.

The 2nd reason – loans are issued around the clock

Payday lenders are one of the few online services that are engaged in round-the-clock issuance of payday loans to all clients in need.

As you know, many services providing online quick cash indicate on their websites that they work around the clock. By this they imply the acceptance of applications, and the applications are processed during the working hours.

Here you can really get approval and money even at night. An online chat for borrower support and a hotline are available on the websites around the clock. If the client has any questions or needs help, he can contact a consultant at any time of the day or night.

The 3rd reason – unlimited cashback promotion

Thanks to a new unique offer on the lending market, some lenders offer the borrower to return from 5% to 10% of each timely repaid loan.

To get a cashback bonus, you just need to take a financial product out and return it not earlier than the specified date. In this case, you can use prolongation, but not early repayment. In this case, bonuses will not be credited.

The received cashback can be spent to pay the commission for using the loan, or received in cash to a bank account.

This is a truly unique offer that cannot be compared with the conventional programs of other banking organizations.

The 4th reason – a profitable loyalty program

For regular borrowers who repay their loan obligations on time, Credit Plus has prepared a loyalty program.

Each borrower, depending on the duration of using the financial services, is given a special status. Depending on the status of the client, the credit terms available to him (amounts, terms, interest rates) vary. There are 4 of them in total:

Newbie – automatically issued to new clients of the company. At this stage, the borrower has access to the minimum amount for short periods, but at a high interest rate;

Expert – issued to borrowers who have repaid from 2 to 4 payday options;

Partner – for existing clients who have successfully repaid from 5 to 10 products;

VIP status is given for borrowers who have issued and paid more than 10 loans back.

The 5th reason – issuing to retirees

The company provides loans to borrowers of various social strata, including retirees and students. According to the mandatory requirements of payday lenders, the borrower’s age cannot exceed 75 years old.

This means that retirees under the age of 75 can count on a positive decision on the application and receive money within 24 business hours after approval.

The 6th reason – issuing a loan by text

Some companies provide text service to regular borrowers with the status of Expert, Partner or VIP. Borrowers registered on the site can receive a payday option at any time of the day or night by sending one application with the amount and term of the online loan.

To send an application in this way, you do not need the Internet or a computer, it is enough to have a phone with a number that is registered in the company’s system at hand.

In a reply message you will receive a decision. It needs to be copied and sent back. Thus, the client will literally sign an offer agreement for the issuance on the terms indicated above.

The 7th reason – issuance of loans

Some lenders offer its clients rather non-standard renewal terms, which are not similar to the programs of other credit institutions.

The borrower can extend his loan for a period of 5, 10 or 15 days. For renewal, you need to pay a commission, which will correspond to 5%, 15% or 30% of the amount, depending on the selected term. As soon as the renewal amount is credited to the company’s account, the loan will be automatically renewed.

At the same time, interest accrual completely stops for the prolongation term. That is, the company does not charge interest for the use of borrowed funds during the renewal period. After the commission is paid, the debt remains the same as it was.

Thanks to the prolongation, the client will be able to avoid the accrual of penalties and penalties for delays, deterioration of the credit history.